Design and strategy for De Kleine Ring

De Kleine Ring (The Small Ring, named after a regional highway) is a project I started with friend and photographer Renaat Nijs. We want to put creative entrepreneurs in the spotlight. A different kind of spotlight. I designed and developed the first and current second version. 

Tending bars and tending trees

We publish an interview with a creative entrepreneur on a biweekly basis. Ass in sofa, cup of coffee and questionnaire in hand? No, scratch that. We follow entrepreneurs while roaming and working in their own space.

Entrepreneurship means a million different things to a million different people. We don't judge. Artist? Check. Skater? Check. Bartender? Check. Guy climbing trees? You bet!

Time for an update

The first year we only delivered one type of content. But with a few more people on the team looking for a creative outlet, we needed to diversify. With a well thought out content strategy, I redesigned the website from scratch and improved the back-end significantly.

After the relaunch we noticed significant growth in our amount of visitors and reader engagement. Now our interviews are read by a couple thousands each month. With a project roadmap on hand, we're constantly working to improve the platform.