User experience and interface design for Up Next

Record stores. They're becoming a rare sight, but record sales have consistently been on the rise for a few years. However, the infrastructure and software that record stores use are severely outdated. Up Next, a startup from Gent, Belgium is trying to change this. I collaborated with them to improve the user experience and design the interface for their software.

Design led by research

Up Next contacted me in an early stage to improve the user experience of their software Backstash. After extensive research with local record stores we collaborated with real test users. This allowed us to make small changes, quickly assess them and tweak accordingly. 

You don't want to grow weary of an application you use daily. I designed an interface that had character, and appeared friendly and recognizable. With a few clicks or taps, you quickly adjust the information on screen to suit your liking. 

More than stock management

With Backstash, stock management is a breeze. Using live data from multiple music catalogs, you always have up to date information for every record. You can easily monitor online sales via several channels, and even ring up an in-store purchase using the integrated checkout system. 

Getting started with Backstash is easy. It already integrates with the existing infrastructure in most record stores, but is also optimized for touch devices. Discover more on the Up Next website.