A digital experience for Vicomte

Late 2015 I spent some time in New York to better collaborate with some local Digiti clients. One of those clients is Vicomte, a marketing agency with a very special philosophy reminiscent of Leonardo Da Vinci's ideas. I designed a new website in line with this unique view on marketing.

Da Vinci in the digital age

The website reflects the unique views of the company, rooted in Da Vinci's ideas and the whole Renaissance. With some creative input from brand agency KitchenNY, I connected old and new, using subtle hints to strengthen Vicomte's philosophy.

You may recognize the Vitruvian man, but its pure geometric forms are also a key visual element. The shift between light and dark is suggestive of the Enlightenment, and helping a brand move out of the figurative Dark Ages. By combining a classic typeface with a modern one, we further solidify Vicomte's message.

An experience for big and small

The Vicomte website had to be a unique experience from day 1. An experience that the always increasing number of mobile visitors could see. I set out designing for smaller screens first, and figured out how to expand on that experience for larger screens later.

The end result is a richly animated website with smooth transitions to guide a visitor through the website. As a designer I worked closely with developers at Digiti to make this website one to remember.